Lotions, Creams & Balms

Our lotions and creams are very popular.  They are smooth, creamy and full of essential fatty acids that are just wonderful for the skin.  An added bonus, (and probably the most loved feature of our lotions and creams) is that it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel.  

Our balms are rich and wonderful.  They contain the best moisturizing butters and are generously scented with essential oils. 100% Natural!!
  • Balms Balms
    Looking for a preservative-free option? Look no further at our selection of balms. Solid oils packed with nothing but goodness!
  • Creams Creams
    Extremely dry skin? Do you like a rich, dense cream? We have the best right here!
  • Lotions Lotions
    A perfect option for everyday lotion! Great for the whole body and everybody. Did we mention the amazing scents?