*Holiday Scents* Soy Candles with Wood Wick

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These wood wick candles are sure to fill your home with your favorite Adagio scents.  Soy wax, plus the soft sweet crackle of a wood wick. 

Wood wick candles are notoriously more difficult to light than your traditional cotton wick candle. However, once you get the hang of it, it's worth it!! To successfully light your candle, light the wick from the side edge, and not the top. The wick needs fuel (melted wax) to keep burning. If you make sure that the side of the wick is burning pretty well, the flame will draw across the rest of the wick and stay lit. 


Merry Cranberry - Ripe Cranberries, citrus and warm woods.
HoHo Pistachio - Pistachio cream, shea butter, coconut milk and magnolia petals
Midnight Clear - Top fruity notes include apple, grapefruit and peach, middle notes of lily, violet and base notes of amber and musk.
Lemoncello & Fir - A perfect blend of refreshing lemoncello and a base of Fraiser Fir.

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